June 11, 2009


This is one of the two diaper cakes I made for the baby shower. I forgot to take a picture of the other one before I wrapped it. Oh well...

Here they are...The Diaper Cakes that I made for a co-worker who was attending a Baby Shower for twins.


Adriana and Twin at their graduations. They are inseparable. I've only seen my little sister for approximately 10 mins since they graduated. Enjoy now College starts in two months!!! LOL

June 10, 2009

I'm Back...

Okay so I've been gone for a while (almost a month and a half) but I have been busy working, planning, and crafting (of course).

The twins (reminder...they're really not twins). graduated. YIPEE!!!

My sister, Adriana, graduated on May 31st from Hingham High School (family tradition). The graduation ceremony was nice and it only lasted 2 hours. Great job to the organizers.

Twin, Natalie, graduated from New Beginnings Academy (a Christian private school). Her graduation ceremony was nice but long. It was long because unlike most schools each graduate spoke. Private schools are different. It was nice and the party was fun.

As I am typing this, I just realized the pictures are at home on my computer so...I'll post them later.

Congratulations to the Class of 2009!!!

On the craft front, I am working on blankets and baby shower things. I also sold two diaper cakes that came out really cute. Thanks to Auntie Georgia for her advice. I made a diaper cake a while back and she said, "the baby items take away from the beauty of the diaper cake". Guess she was right because I like these two more (I still include a few baby items).

Now I have a question. I am always very impressed by all the items that everyone makes. My question is how do you all find the time to work on your items? I have a long list of things I would like to make and I always start stuff but I am starting to feel like I never complete anything. I'm sure a lot of this is because I drive everywhere now. Before I commuted and that was when I did most of my work. How can I still find time to crochet??? Advise please.

Happy Hooking...