May 28, 2008

Crochet Survey

A while ago, Lesa had a survey on her blog and I meant to post my responses here. So, here it goes...

1) What crochet hook size do you find yourself working with the most without even thinking about it you find yourself picking up the most?
H - hook

2) What is your favorite thing to crochet the most?
Right now, I love to make afghans from charts (thanks to CrochetKim)

3) What would you like to crochet that you never crochet before?
Something that I can wear - a sweater, tank, cardigan, wrap, shawl; you name it, I want to make it LOL

4) Do you think you will pass down your love of crocheting down to your kids/nieces or sisters?
I hope so. I have a few girls who have tried it but haven’t stuck with it.

5) What is the craziest thing you ever heard someone say to you about you crocheting?
I thought old people did that. OR My mother used to do that when I was little (the majority of these people are way older than I am).

May 27, 2008


Hello Fellow Bloggers...
Today is my 30th birthday. Yeah me. I never thought I would be excited about turning 30 but I am. This past weekend was busy. My bestfriend had a graduation party on Saturday, my Aunt had a small cookout on Sunday for her birthday and yesterday, my grandmother came over to hang pictures (now my apartment looks like a home).

As for the crochet front...
I purchased yarn to make that tank top that I wanted last summer but didn't think I could make it. So far so good. Here's the link
It is working out nicely, if I say so myself. The only problem is it will definitly need to have a built in bra and it will need to be lined. I don't sew so, I'll have to ask my daughter's daycare provider (Ms. Brenda). I will a picture of the WIP this evening. Also, I want to make the Sweet Sweater It is supposed to be really easy. First I need to have my measurements taken. I will try to get this done this week (thanks Ms. Brenda). Then, my godchild will need a blanket when he arrives (early August). No need to make him a sweater set because he will live in onesies and pampers for a while. Now if I could just decide on the pattern for his blanket. Duckies or Teddy Bears??? I know I want the blanket to be blue, white, and yellow. So maybe I will do both duckies and teddy bears. I'll keep you all posted.

Peace and blessings.