December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Blogland!!!

Wishing you joy, peace, and happiness today and everyday to come. On today I pray that you find time to relax, reflect and appreciate the loved ones around you (not everyone has one). I enjoy spending time with my families and friends. Make it special!!!

Pictures to come soon.

Happy Crafting (hopefully not today),

December 21, 2009

Tis the Season (Update 3 of 3)

I am still working on gifts. I don't know why I always think I have so much time. Next year, I am starting earlier and just storing gifts away. Here's what I accomplished this weekend. I can't say who what is for yet but I can show everyone what I completed.

Tonight I am working on a pair of mittens, a hat and scarf set, and a poncho. Speaking of ponchos, I made a red and white one this weekend and forgot to take a picture of it before it became a gift. I did ask that the person who gave it, take a picture of the child wearing it. I will post it when I receive it. Z's teachers also received hats for Christmas last Friday.

And...I've been baking and just feeling like homemade is better than anything else. If only I had more time...

Today was our holiday party at the office. I made homemade biscuits, apple butter (crock pots are amazing), lemon cookies (thank you Christina for sharing the recipe), and a lemon poppy seed loaf. Everyone loved everything. Baking and crock pot food makes your house smell wonderful. :)

Happy Holidays to you all.

Tis the Season (Update 2 of 3)

Yesterday we had our first major Noreaster of the season. We were snowed in, we had over a foot of snow. It was light and fluffy at first but once we got down to the bottom, it was wet and heavy (the joys of shoveling out a car). I am very thankful for my sister's return, and for D. They both made the shoveling go by a lot faster. J came out to help also but his idea of cleaning off the car involved him standing on my car. Excuse me but your feet belong on the ground...

I love snow (everything but the shoveling). Isn't it beautiful?

Zaria came out to play. After making her snow angel, she quickly went back in the house to get warm. I love this picture but I don't know how well people will be able to see the angel.
She's kinda cute too...

Tis the Season (Update 1 of 3)

Christmas is almost here and I for one am getting very excited. This year the holiday season has been very busy for me. Z is dancing and singing and she also started preschool so that has been a huge shift in what mommy must do. Here she is at her first School Christmas Pagent.

Cute, huh??? And she never even sang the song. We have only been singing Feliz Navidad for almost a month. SMH.

After the Pagent, I wanted to go visit the class to take a few pictures of Z and TT (her cousin who is in the same class).

Still making faces, but now she wants to sing the song. Go figure...

December 11, 2009

Christmas Projects

With Christmas quickly approaching, I am wondering who is still working on projects? I am!!! Here's the list (I think)...

* Hat & Scraf sets (2 because Z has both of her teachers for the grab).
* Children's winter sets (hats, scraf, mittens) - tried a mitten pattern last night and the mittens came out so small. Must try it again tonight.
* A personalized baby blanket (an order for someone)
* A few Urban Newsboy caps
* Applebutter (for the coworkers)

How are you doing with your gifts/projects?

December 07, 2009

She Did It All By Herself

As planned, Z and I had craft time on Saturday. She made some ornaments during the week with daddy and she made her first ornament wreath. I worked very hard not to assit her with this project. See all the blues and then all green? Mommy so tried to get her to mix the colors but couldn't. I just let her be...It was hard.
So, here it is.

December 02, 2009

Crafting with Confidence

Today I visited Christina's blog (like I do everyday), and of course she had created another fabulous piece. When I clicked the link to the pattern, I was directed to Simply Beans. I don't know about you but when I come across another crafters blog, I look around. Does that make me creepy??? I would hope not. Anyway...while looking at previous post, I realized that the owner has a daughter about the same age as Z. The thing that caught my attention was all of the crafting her daughter was working on. You see Z has shown a high interest in Christmas this year. This past weekend while going to the grocery store, she said to me, in her little three year old whining voice "see everyone has a tree except for us. that's not fair". My sister looked at me and said "she knows what except means?" LOL. My baby is growing up fast.

Sorry let me get back to my reason for blogging tonight. So while at Simply Beans, I noticed that they had made an Ornament Wreath. After reading the post, I decided that Z could do that and it was something that I wouldn't go crazy trying to make it perfect - LOL. So, I did some research (must stay on budget) and decided we would go out to get the supplies tonight. Walmart it was. I did some calculations to see how many packages of ornaments we would need. Of course, this meant nothing once in the store. I really need help sticking to my budget. SMH. So here's what we brought and yes, I let her pick the colors.

You think I over did it??? LOL. I'll post pictures when we make our wreaths...

Keep crafting.

My How Time Flies

Well, here we are at Dec. 2nd (23 days til Christmas) and I can't believe the year is almost over. What happened to the year? Did I accomplish anything? Well, I looked back over my Resolutions that I set and I have achieved one of the five. We have been eating healthy all year (even during the summer). I think in 2010, I will set goals not resolutions. Well moving on...

My Crafting
This year's Craft Fair went fairly well. Saturday was a little slow but I still sold a few pieces. I worked hard to make sure I had ample amounts of hats but quickly learned that people perfer basic colors. So I took orders and now I am fulfilling the orders (everyone will have there products on Sunday). A few lessons were learned and I have plenty of time to work on the problem areas. My goal for next year is to sell hat and scarf sets, mittens, shawls and raffle off one blanket (I thought about this idea a little too late this year). In order to reach this goal, I am committing to crocheting year round. Here a few pictures from the fair.

I also crocheted hats while sitting at the table. Maybe the kids on the Christmas list this year will receive a hat, scarf, and mittens...Maybe.
Speaking of Christmas, I have decided that I will gift the ladies on my list a shawl. I started working on one pattern and now am considering another one. Decisions, decisions...
Happy Crafting...