December 30, 2008


First let me wish everyone a very belated Merry Christmas. Christmas was great. The children are happy so that makes me happy. D joined us for Christmas this year so Zaria was really excited (deep down, so was I).

Since I don't take any "real" time off during the summer (I work for the school department but I am management which means I work year round), I decided to take Christmas week off. So my vacation officially started yesterday. So I am planning to post everyday this week. Kinda like a chronicle of my vacation...

I dropped Zaria off at daycare because I need to get my house back together from the holiday mess. SIGH!!! I returned home only to clean the kitchen and sort laundry and then I did something that I knew I shouldn't have done...I checked my blog. Once I saw Christina's chocolate chip cookies, I just had to make some. So, I did. Once I made the cookies, I decided that I should try to complete the gifts for Zaria's daycare family (mainly her provider and her oldest daughter AKA Grandma Brenda and Auntie Sandra). Notice no cleaning getting done. There's always tomorrow (hey wait...that's today...LOL). I ended the day by visiting my grandmother and two of her friends (Auntie Joni and Auntie Bev) who brought gifts for the little monsters. Thank you Aunties. We love you.

DAY TWO - Today
I dropped both of the children off today. Zaria to daycare and Juwan to his afterschool program that is open from 9 - 4 today and tomorrow. I have been very productive this morning. I have already washed 4 loads of clothes (this included some blankets) and folded them. Small steps to victory. I also organized the computer center which is why I am currently blogging...So, back to cleaning.

Happy Hooking.

December 23, 2008

An Evening Off

Can you believe I took some time off for myself? Well, it was more like tricked. My best friend called my house and told J to tell me to be ready at 8:30 with jeans and sneakers on. I thought about it and wondered if someone had pissed her off and we were going to beat them up. LOL. Yeah right? Us? We would never do such things. We are ladies!!!

So, I did as instructed and I would like to publicly say THANK YOU to Cece. She tricked me into going bowling with her and a few of her friends (soon to be in-laws). My little sister tagged along and we had a blast. I promised them that I would go out more often. We already have plans to go bowling next Monday and we're bringing Juwan and a few friends.

Thanks again Cece. Love you much...

December 22, 2008

Christmas Gift Update

So, last night, I finally finished my grandmother's shawl. I feel like it took forever but at least it is complete. I hope she likes it.

I also completed A's gift. This took longer than I expected it to. It was only hdc, why it took so long is beyond me.

December 20, 2008

Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

So we had our first snow storm in Boston yesterday and this morning I joined my family as we shovled out. ***Reminder, I am supposed to be crocheting...***

Here's a few shots...

Can you believe she sat in the car to warm up and then told me to turn the heat off because she was "too hot"...LOL She is precious.
Okay back to hooking.

Christmas is coming too fast...

Why is it that every year I find myself crocheting like a mad woman the week of Christmas? Nana's shawl is almost complete and yesterday (thank godness for snow days) I completed the majority of A's scarf (20 short rows left to go). While I was crocheting the scarf, my brother came in my room and said "did you make that hat?" (the one to go with A's scarf). Yes, I did. He made this face that screamed...I like that a lot...hint, hint. Guess I need to make him one now. I also have yet to purchase my mom a gift so I need to make something quick for her. She also has been complaining about not having a hat/scarf....

Oh yeah and then there are the Angels that need to be put together for the GODMOTHERS (all 4 of them).

I have a lot to complete....

Happy Hooking.

(I am sure there will be an update later today. Stay tuned.)

December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays

Okay, I admit I started Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving (no I was not one of those 3 am shoppers but I did go out). So how is it that I am not ready for Christmas??? I'm still working on the Half Moon Shawl for my Grandmother. I'm making something for He Makes Me Happy and I still need to pick up a gift for my mother, brother, uncle, and little cousin (she wants a ring).

Last weekend, I decided (because it was the last paycheck before the holiday) that I needed to get a Christmas Tree. Before heading out to get the tree, something told me to go check on the ornaments, lights, etc that should be in the basement. Well, when I went in the basement, there were no decorations at all. What the ****? I know I left a box of Christmas decorations down there. Oh well, being mad won't make them reappear, just go buy more stuff!!! So, onward and upward. On Sunday, we (including Zaria's father) picked up a tree. On Monday, I went out and purchased decorations for the tree. Picked the kids up and we decorated the tree that night. Isn't she a beauty???

While picking up the decorations, I grabbed some stockings and then wondered who is going to write on them...My handwriting is okay but I wanted the stockings to be really pretty. So, (new idea to keep in mind) I printed a t-shirt transfer with our names, cut the extra away, ironed the transfer onto the stockings (yes, it worked!), grabbed the glue, went over the names, shook the glitter on, let it sit for a few minutes, added some bling (because I didn't like the gold sequence things and here's the finished product. Cute huh?
It's starting to feel like Christmas now.
Here's a few pictures of the little ones. Someone please tell me why it is so difficult to get little people to stay still long enough to get a good picture?

Don't worry, there's a crochet update in the works...
Stay tuned and warm.
Happy Hooking.

December 02, 2008

Moving On and Holidays

This morning I woke up happy. Why? A few reasons...

1. Christmas gifts are coming along
2. My Christmas shopping list is almost complete
3. I woke up on time
4. I met someone who wants to see me happy and does everything to keep me that way. I can't say too much because people will start asking questions. I assure you all that he does indeed make me happy. Can't you see the smile???

Okay moving on...I have been crocheting a lot (it's actually taken some time away from my new someone).

No matter what I do, Zaria gets sick. So, the concerned mommy figures she needs more warmth during these cold winter months ahead so what to do??? That's right, make her a new winter set.

My first pair of mittens. And they were easy. Laura, I guess I will try some fingerless gloves.
Okay, wait, I forgot some pictures are on the other computer...I'll post them later. I also made her a scarf and started a hat (that she ripped out because she thought she was helping). Oh well, I will make her another hat soon.
The halfmoon shawl is just about complete, it would be finished but I ran out of yarn...Back to the store to buy more yarn...Remember be focused. You can only buy the yarn for this project and nothing else!!! Yes, I admit it. I am a yarn-holic. Everyone is addicted to something right???
How are Christmas projects going?
Happy Hooking...