June 17, 2010


it's been very busy around these parts.

Today Foster Elementary School had their 5th Grade Move Up Ceremony. The theme was "We're Off to Make History". It was a very nice ceremony. Juwan is in school with some extremely smart kids. They received the Presidential Achievement Award, this award recoginezes the students who have maintained a A- average from 4th to 5th grade. Very smart kids. Congratualtions to them all (there were quite a few)!!!

Here's a few pictures of my big 5th grader. Still can't believe my first born is off to middle school. My how time flies.

The 5th Grader
Juwan and his teacher, Ms. Healey
This is a picture of Mrs. Marshalka. We have family history with this particular teacher. We've all had her!!! Yup, I had her, my brother had her and my sister had her all before Juwan. Pretty cool. The best part is she remembers all of us.
Congrats to the Class of 2017 (so far away)
Fresh off the hook (last week)

She loves the camera and her capelet. I am planning on making her a few sweaters for the school year also. She starts kindergarden in September. So exciting.
As for me, I have been plugging away a my school work and planning for the next course. I am taking an English class over the summer (online). As for the job, I am applying for a few positions and praying that by September, I will be employed. Until then, crocheting will be my full-time job. :)
Until next time...

June 02, 2010

Daisy Square

Final I figured out who to get the picture off of my phone. So, now I am sharing it with you all.

Sorry, the lighting wasn't all that great. When the blanket is complete, I will take another picture.

Who's In???

Kristy's Granny Shrug

Here's a new project, that seems to be the new rave. I'm going home to go through my stash and making one tonight (or over the weekend -- LOL). Who's with me???


Keep hooking...