September 13, 2007

Christmas Gifts Underway

WOW!!! I didn't think I would like this blogging thing, but now I can't stop. Over the summer, I decided that I would make Personalized Afghans for all of the children on our Christmas list (twelve in all). As you can see, I started the process, but I haven't even looked at my graphs in over a month. Maybe this weekend, between homework and taking care of my little ones, I'll start the next one. Here's some pictures of the completed mats. Thanks to CrochetKim (she created the pattern I am using).

A Few Crocheted Items

So, I entered the poncho craze last month (fall is quickly approaching) and here's what I accomplished.

I started one for me too (I will post pictures soon).

My First Post...

Okay so I finally did it...I created a blog. Yeah for me. I thought about doing this all summer, but who really reads these things? Well, apparently, I do!!! That's why I wanted one. Read my profile to see what you can expect on this blog.