December 31, 2010

Good Riddance 2010 (photos)

January 2010 Dance Recital
One of many made this year...
January Birthday Party @ PreschoolValentine's Day 2010 5th Grade Graduation
Miami, FL 2010
First Day of Kindergarden
Ghostface/Sheek Concert J's 12th Birthday Party
Nicola's Scarf and Hat Set
Z as an angelChristmas 2010

Good Riddance 2010 (text version)

After reflecting on 2010 this week, I am ready to bring in 2011!!!

2010 in review...high/low

January - Celebrated Z's 4th birthday, signed her up for school while saying come on K1...daycare is killing us

February - Had the best Valentine's Day on record (maybe this year will top last year...maybe. LOL)/Arguement with best friend of 15+ years (gone sad)

March - Can't remember...

April - Celebrated D's 32nd birthday, re-enrolled in school (Northeastern University)/Sent said bestfriend a very happy birthday text, had a bad car accident (while working),

May - Celebrated my 32nd birthday. Taught my sister to crochet (she ran out of yarn and never finished the project. Laid off from the job I loved

June - Watched J bid elementary school adieu (yup middle schooler now), mastered the Daisy Square (finally). Said good-bye to co-workers, wished bestfriend well on her wedding day (didn't attend)

July - Began my summer vacation, started walking, got some much needed rest, received word that I was hired for the Burke position.

August - More rest, walking, and relaxation. Traveled to Miami, FL with D for the first time. I had so much fun. (Just realized i never posted pics - sorry). Started work and made a couple of friends

September - School started for all of us (college, 6th grade, kindergarden), lots of PD for the new job. Celebrated sister's birthday. Realized I was totally out of my league at work, asked for assistance

October - Gave J a huge birthday party, noticed J is a very talented artist, did the Halloween custome thing (still hate it). Still uncomfortable at work

November - Celebrated Nana's birthday, Shopped the day after Thanksgiving (great deals!!!). Admitted to self that it was time to start looking for a new job

December - Counted down the days to Winter Break from work (yup I hate this job), baked like a crazy woman, attempted to make some handmade gifts. Failed at making handmade (project is still in progress)

With all that said...bring on the new year.

Happy New Year to you all!!!

December 18, 2010

MIA no more

I'm back for good this time!!! Remember when I started this blog? I wrote every week then it dwindled down to once in a while and then I made it a point to blog every Monday and Friday. The last few months, have been crazy busy and now I am making my blog a priority again.

I am not ready to post all the craftiness that has been completed just yet -- I will do that tomorrow, must organize photos and such.

For now I wanted to say hey to all of you my fellow bloggers. I've missed my hooks and yarn and man have we been reaquinted over the last two weeks.

I also asked Santa for knitting classes, hoping to add that skill to my belt in the coming year.

October 17, 2010

Fall My Favorite...

but oh so busy... I know it's been awhile since I last wrote a real blog entry so today I am taking some time to do just that.

In September, everyone in my home had some sort of life change.
1. J started 6th grade
2. I started my new job and then my second quarter at NEU
3. Z started K1

As you can imagine, lots of schedule changes have occurred due to all the new beginnings. We are still working on all of them. LOL. J gets on his bus at 6:39 am, Z can arrive at school by 7:30 and I need to be at work by 8. Needless to say, mornings in my household are crazed. As a result of the crazed mornings, I began drinking lots more coffee (from a medium to a large) in the morning. While I love my new job, there has been a lot of stress related to it. A co-worker told me to get some tension tea because it really does work and guess what...he was right. I end most evening with a cup. School for me hasn't been too bad. I am still struggling with meeting deadlines for papers but all work is getting done. This quarter it's Intro to Liberal Studies and College Math 1001. I'm in school two nights a week. Not bad.

We celebrated J's 12th birthday earlier this month and can you believe he asked to have a party??? How could I say no? He hasn't had a party in 3/4 years. So a party he wants, a party he gets. The theme was Family Guy. Well at least those were the directions and cake. The party had nothing to do with it. He drew his own banner (4 characters) and chose who to invite. I was so stressed out and aggravated until I just let go and let him do what he wanted to do. All he needed me to do was cook and spend my money. Gotta love him. The party was great and he was happy at the end. That's all that mattered.

As for me and my's been very slow. I just can't find the time to do anything. I started a few "quickie" projects and those also fell to the side. I wish I had some motivation to finish something. It's been cold already and people are requesting scarves and hats so maybe this week I will find the time to work on those things. BTW...Christmas most likely will be store brought this year. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to something handmade. Unless Z makes won't happen.

While I haven't had lots of time on my hands, I have made time to go out with my friends. I partied with my cousin for her 30th and I went to a Ghostface concert (I didn't meet Ghost but I did meet Sheek Louch from the LOX. Very exciting!!!)

Of course there aren't any pics of completed projects but I will update pics of the lil ones soon.

Keep crafting (or studying in my case)...

September 09, 2010

Back at it again...

I took the summer off (not by choice) but I am back. How better to honor the upcoming season than to make myself a new sweater?!?!?!?! I'm so ready and to top it off, I went to Ocean State Job Lot and found a steal. Vanna's Choice, 7 oz, purple yarn for $3 each...Oh joy!!! I brought 7 skeins, more than enough for my project. So here it is...

I've been eyeing this sweater for a long time but never got around to really making it. The first issue was the yarn and the cost to make it the correct size. Now that I know people have used Vanna's Choice, I'm on it. I am starting the project tomorrow!!! Finally something for me.

I will post about my summer off over the weekend.

Keep crafting...

June 17, 2010


it's been very busy around these parts.

Today Foster Elementary School had their 5th Grade Move Up Ceremony. The theme was "We're Off to Make History". It was a very nice ceremony. Juwan is in school with some extremely smart kids. They received the Presidential Achievement Award, this award recoginezes the students who have maintained a A- average from 4th to 5th grade. Very smart kids. Congratualtions to them all (there were quite a few)!!!

Here's a few pictures of my big 5th grader. Still can't believe my first born is off to middle school. My how time flies.

The 5th Grader
Juwan and his teacher, Ms. Healey
This is a picture of Mrs. Marshalka. We have family history with this particular teacher. We've all had her!!! Yup, I had her, my brother had her and my sister had her all before Juwan. Pretty cool. The best part is she remembers all of us.
Congrats to the Class of 2017 (so far away)
Fresh off the hook (last week)

She loves the camera and her capelet. I am planning on making her a few sweaters for the school year also. She starts kindergarden in September. So exciting.
As for me, I have been plugging away a my school work and planning for the next course. I am taking an English class over the summer (online). As for the job, I am applying for a few positions and praying that by September, I will be employed. Until then, crocheting will be my full-time job. :)
Until next time...

June 02, 2010

Daisy Square

Final I figured out who to get the picture off of my phone. So, now I am sharing it with you all.

Sorry, the lighting wasn't all that great. When the blanket is complete, I will take another picture.

Who's In???

Kristy's Granny Shrug

Here's a new project, that seems to be the new rave. I'm going home to go through my stash and making one tonight (or over the weekend -- LOL). Who's with me???

Keep hooking...

May 21, 2010

I Now Know...

Since I received my layoff notice, I have been asked a few hundred times, "what are you going to do?" Honestly, I didn't know, until sometime last week when I decided to take the summer off... Here's the plan (for now)...

1. Get up, thank God for another day
2. Make energy smoothie
3. Get the little ones off to school/summer camp
4. Go for a walk (near the water if it's too warm)
5. Eat a healthy breakfast
6. Crochet (while watching tv)
7. Relax
8. Start Dinner
9. Pick the lil ones up
10. Relax some more

Yup, that is the plan for now...LOL. I am considering taking a class or two during the summer quarter. We shall see.

On another note, I finished a quick blanket for a baby shower last Saturday. Came out nice for a quick project.

I have a bunch of stuff on hooks now, I will try to post those later today.

May 14, 2010


A quick pic of two of the new books and the two hooks.

More pics to come...

It's Been Awhile...

Since my last post. A lot has happened since then (some good, some bad). Even if I don't post, I still visit the blogs that I follow and I must say everyone is doing great work. As for me, I have multiple projects going on and I returned to school (mostly why I haven't posted). So here's the update...

I'M A STUDENT (again)
I started school on April 12th at Northeastern University. My intended major is Liberal Arts. Why? Simply because I want to obtain knowledge in all areas to keep my options open. I enrolled in two classes, one is online (12 weeks) and the other was a blended format course (6 weeks). Now that I am wrapping up the 6 week course, I must say it was way easier than the other course. Lesson learned...I should take more blended short courses. I will post my grades at the close of the semester. Reminder...I need to register for a summer course or two.

While I was starting my classes, I also briefly played teacher...I taught my sister to crochet!!! WOW, what an accomplishment. One of her friends is expecting a little boy (he was born last week) and she wanted to make her a blanket. The blanket is granny squares (still not complete, but close). I have pictures, I will post later.

In an effort to get my crochet mojo back, I picked up a few crochet magazines, two aluminum hooks that were really hard to find (L and M), and some yarn (as if I needed more). I started a ripple afghan for a baby girl due at the end of the month. I became bored with that so I started a sweater for her. I hated the way the sweater was working up so I ripped it. I threw in the towel and put everything down. I carried the yarn and hooks with me everywhere and still no progress...

On April 28th, I was out delivering packages to some of the schools and I had a car accident. Talk about an inconvenience. No car for about two days, shooting pains in my back -- HATED IT!!! Out of work for a couple of days, I decided to pull out some more yarn and figure out the Daisy Square pattern. Finally success, well after ripping it twice, but success none the less. Something good. When I returned to work on Tuesday, I received an email saying that the big boss needed to meet with me for 5 minutes on Wednesday. 5 minutes, really??? I already knew what that was about so here's how it went down.

Boss walks in my office, closes all the doors.
Boss: Hi TaWonia, you know why I'm here?
ME: Yes.
Boss: Has this ever happened to you before.
ME: No
Boss: Have you ever been fired?
ME: No
Boss: (look of shock on his face) I'm really sorry.
ME: No response (thinking...just give me the papers and get out)
Boss: Well, this has nothing to do with your performance. You keep the office going, not only going but moving in the right direction. This is strictly budgetary.
ME: (Yea okay) No response.
He pulls the papers out, tells me to sign here and then quickly goes through the package with me.

After he left my office, I walked over to a coworkers office. Cried, looked at the papers, and said oh well. After taking some time to talk to a few people, including my extremely wonderful boyfriend, I have decided to take a long vacation. I have been working since I was 14 years old, I deserve it. How will I survive? I trust that God will provide for me.

I still can't believe son is a middle-schooler. The time sure has flown by. He's a little man now but I still run the show. LOL

In every sense of the word is doing great. She is growing like a weed and I can already tell she is going to be very tall. Doesn't mean anything. She was assigned to our number one school choice and is very excited to start school. (I am planning on working on some sweaters for her during my vacation). She has mastered writing her name. I will post a picture later.

Until next time...keep hooking.

PS - I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND. He is absolutely wonderful to me.

March 26, 2010

Weekend Plans...

So this weekend I am locking myself (and the lil ones) in the house. Why? Because last weekend was way too much for me. It all began on Friday night and didn't end until Sunday night. I REFUSE TO LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!!!
So what do I have planned?

Yep, that is how I am spending the weekend. I might make some soup for next week's lunch but then again I might not.

Enjoy your weekend. I know I will.

Happy Crafting

March 23, 2010

Just a quick note

I know I have become a bad blogger but I promise to get back in the swing of things soon. Since I last blogged, a lot has happened for the family. Since I am at work, I can't be here too long so I will just say...stay tuned. Tonight I will post some pics and update you all on A Lil This, A Lil That.

Keep crafting...

February 23, 2010

1st Recital and Off the Hook

This weekend the little princess had her first dance recital. She did a great job and made her family really proud. Here are a few pics.

There's a baby shower this weekend for Z's cousin and her Nene always wants handmade gifts. So this weekend, while preparing for the recital, I whipped this up. I still have a hooded poncho to complete for her gifts. I believe she wants a diaper cake also...