December 19, 2007

Sorry for the absence

Hello again. After much frustration, I finally figured out why I couldn't log in. Needless to say, that is why I have been gone soooo long. Well, I'm back!!! Let me update you on the happenings in my life.

As I am sure you know, Christmas is now six days away and I must admit, I didn't finish all of the lapghans for the children on the list. Maybe I will get one more done by Christmas (Lil DeShawn's). I have been crocheting away but I also needed to focus on my school work and I ended my long term relationship of 6 years. SO, I have been a little stressed. Crocheting relaxes me but I haven't had enough time to relax. I apologize now to all of the children that won't be receiving his/her gift until after Christmas. This should not be a problem, I more than likely won't see these kids until late January.
For the remainder of the week, I must complete a lapghan (paying order) and make a few more hat and scarf sets.

Look out for pictures of completed work.

Speaking of pictures, look at my baby. Can you believe she will be two on January 10th. WOW how time sure does fly.

I promise to post new pictures of both of my little people real soon.

Signing off for now.

November 07, 2007

Christmas is a coming...

I can't even believe I am saying this but...Christmas is a coming (and it's coming quick). Back in August, I decided that I would make every child on our Christmas list a personalized lapghan (small version of an afghan). I created all of the graphs (this took a while), researched the yarn colors, and even made the center mats for three of them (see previous post). You are probably wondering how many of these lapghans I am making...12. Yep I said it a dozen of these personalized lapghans. Why didn't someone stop me??? Now, I am going crazy trying to catch up with my schoolwork (at least two weeks behind), and trying to make time to crochet. If nothing else gets done before Christmas, I promise I will get these lapghans done for the kids. Christmas is really for the kids anyways. Right???

By the way, I sold my first complete set. Of course, I forgot to take a final picture of the whole thing, but I can tell you the buyer loved it.

Signing off for now.

October 25, 2007

Baby Set (Partial)

As promised...Here's a picture of the compeleted baby set (so far). Tonight, I plan on making the booties and starting the blankie. Look out...I am on a roll. Maybe I will get some work done on all my Christmas gifts too.

October 24, 2007

New Pic and crochet update

Last night I crocheted for the first time in a long time. I made a baby sweater and matching hat (complete set due next weeek). I am planning on crocheting some more today. Hopefully I will get the botties done and start on the blanket (still not sure what pattern I am going to use).

She's getting so big. Here she is with her Nene (her name for grandmother) and yep you guessed it her father's hand.

October 23, 2007


Hi All...
I know it's been a while since I last posted but this month has been a crazy one. Never would I have imagined that being in school (part-time), working (full-time), and doing side jobs all while taking care of a family would be so time consuming.

We celebrated my Juwan's birthday on October 7th. I spent so much time planning the perfect pajama party and we couldn't have it. Why? Because Juwan was sent home from school on Friday, Oct. 5 with a fever of 103. So much for a pajama party. So, once he was feeling better, I called all of my brother's and a few family members over for dinner, cake and ice cream. All in all, I think he had a pretty good birthday.

So far this month, we have also dealt with one death (RIP Joe Wright, Sr.) and almost lost. Please keep praying for Will. It's all up to God now.

And as far as crocheting goes...I haven't done much of anything until last night. I know...I know...Christmas is right around the corner and I have a lot of crocheting to do. I guess I better get on the good foot and get started. But, before I start on the gifts, I have an order to fill by next Friday. A complete baby set (sweater, hat, booties, and blankie). Wish me well. Did I mention I have a rough draft due tomorrow in English 101. Someone please tell me why I decided to go back to school now???

September 13, 2007

Christmas Gifts Underway

WOW!!! I didn't think I would like this blogging thing, but now I can't stop. Over the summer, I decided that I would make Personalized Afghans for all of the children on our Christmas list (twelve in all). As you can see, I started the process, but I haven't even looked at my graphs in over a month. Maybe this weekend, between homework and taking care of my little ones, I'll start the next one. Here's some pictures of the completed mats. Thanks to CrochetKim (she created the pattern I am using).

A Few Crocheted Items

So, I entered the poncho craze last month (fall is quickly approaching) and here's what I accomplished.

I started one for me too (I will post pictures soon).

My First Post...

Okay so I finally did it...I created a blog. Yeah for me. I thought about doing this all summer, but who really reads these things? Well, apparently, I do!!! That's why I wanted one. Read my profile to see what you can expect on this blog.