January 20, 2009

The Cable Craze

After viewing patterns during the Christmas season, I noticed that cables were everywhere. My sister found a scarf in Walmart and said, "Hey can you make this?" I looked at her like she was crazy and replied, "Yes but it would take some work." We moved on. Then when I went to work, I searched online (just to see what was available) for a crochet cable scarf pattern. I was able to find one and then I became frightened. Well, guess what??? I jumped in. That's right I am working on my first pattern containing cables. It's the Hooded Baby Sweater from www.freepatterns.com I love it. One of my assistant headmasters just had a baby girl so I am planning on gifting the set to her or adding it to my completed project bin. I'll post a picture in a few.

Happy Hooking.

January 18, 2009

Feeling Ill

I woke up this morning just knowing that I was going to get a lot of crocheting done today but I haven't even looked at a hook yet. I feel horrible!!! My throat feels as if there is a ball stuck on the right side. HELP!!! I guess I am going to make some tea and pray that whatever this is goes away. Maybe I'll work on the baby sweater while in my bed with some sappy girl flick on. Yes, sounds like a great idea.

Post soon.

Keep hooking.

Happy Endings and New Beginnings

On Friday afternoon, I drove to Foxboro, MA to witness the marriage of Michelle and Nick (friends of D's). I must say we had a great time and I LOVE Nick's family. Good times!!! Congrats Nick and Michelle, we wish you the best. Two pictures of the happy couple. Aren't they adorable?

Love them.

Here's a pic of us.

Today is a day to relax and this morning shortly after waking up to more snow, we (me and the children) saw this out of Juwan's window.

Yep, WILD TURKEYS. Reminder...I live in the city (no woods around). The kids were excited and so was I.

Now it's time for me to crochet...I'll post pics later.

Happy Hooking...

January 12, 2009

Monday Update...Take 2

So, as promised, here's the pictures of the slouch hat. My sister took these and the hat is for her best friend. She (my sister) loves it.

Happy Monday

Happy Monday to you all. Last night, I realized that I never posted my New Year's resolutions. After careful consideration, here's what I came up with (no particular order).

* Crochet for at least one hour a day (how else will I get to perfection???)
* Learn a new craft (knitting seems to be a big one at my office, BUT I want to sew. I can't afford to buy new clothes and I am losing weight rapidly.)
* Learn how to live on a budget (I'll never buy a house if I don't)
* Have more patience with the children (AKA don't yell)
* Be healthy (set an example for the children by treating my body better)

So, there you have it. My resoultions for 2009. I've already experienced set backs with most of them...LOL. It's a new week, I'll give it another try.

Crochet Update...
Last night I tried the Puffy Slouch Hat and it took two tries but it worked. I stupidly forgot the camera at home so I will post the picture later.

Works in Mind:
Ferris Wheel Slouchy Hat
Swirls Hat

Works in Progress:
Two sweaters using two patterns from Lion Brand (I'll post links later) for myself. Yes, I know something for me. Can you believe it?
A few hats (still completing orders)

By the way, I am now on Ravelry. I received the invitation in November but never actually logged in. I'm tjcrochets. Hope to see you there.

Keep Hooking

January 11, 2009

Birthday Party Success

Well it's Sunday afternoon and I am posting which means I survived another birthday party. Ya me. This year's party was a huge success because everyone pitched in. So, I would like to publicly thank her grandmother (decorations - extremely cute), my sisters (the ones who call themselves twins--LOL), and her father who helped with everything from cleaning before, making ALL of the sandwiches, decorating cupcakes and the giant cupcake (he did all of the airbrush work), cleaning up after the party, and just being great the entire day.

The Birthday Girl in her t-shirt that mommy and daddy made for her. Thank you Hook for pressing it.

The giant cupcake, turned out wonderful. Thank godness I do research, it totally helped.

The twins with the birthday girl.

January 09, 2009

Happy Friday

I am so happy today is Friday (even though I know I have a very busy weekend). For starters, let me first wish you all a Happy New Year. The last time I posted was in 2008. I owe you all a few pictures and promise to put some up now and more later.

This weekend we will celebrate Z's 3rd birthday and of course mommy is make the cake (pray that it comes out great). After her 1st birthday, I promised her father that we would not have another "BIG" party until she turned 5. So with that in mind, I had to plan something fun and exciting, and inexspensive. Good thing I am creative.

The Theme: Crayola Coloring
I purchased most of the stuff (decorations) from one of our local dollar stores (I was actually shocked to see that they had matching pieces). Her father decided that we would serve finger sandwiches and chips (keeping in mind that the party is for the little ones NOT the adults). For the cake, I remembered seeing a giant cupcake pan in Michael's while I was working and thought that would be cute. So, I went a purchased one. The giant cupcake will have little friends to go along with it. Hoodies cups and it's a party. Of course I had to do something for the lootbags so I looked around for colorful stuff that was around $1. (This is where I blow the budget.) Sorry D. The most expensive item in the bag was the 8 pack of jumbo washable crayons ($2.83/pack). I only purchased 6, everyone else will get the normal 8 pack.

Wish me luck.

Almost forgot my crochet project. My sister is totally in love with these Slouch Hats that everyone is wearing so I made her one and now she wants more in different colors. I spent some time searching the net for patterns and only came up with 3 or 4. So I thought maybe I could get her to try a beret (same thing right? WRONG.) She hated it. I think it's cute but maybe for my aunt (older lady). Here it is.

Keep Hooking.