April 22, 2009

We Deserve It!!!

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day (Secretaries Day) to all my fellow admins. We deserve today because without us offices would not function properly. After we do it all...photo copying, answering phones, ordering supplies, taking minutes at meetings, scheduling appointments, creating invitations, presentations, calling in complaints, any and everything...

So, I am sending flowers your way to let you know (just in case your boss forgot) that you are appreciated. So enjoy your day, I know I will enjoy mine...

April 08, 2009

I Survived

Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I kept telling myself "Man up" the entire time. The oral surgeon was great and the hygienist was pleasant as well. All in all, good experience. I had him pull two teeth just so I won't have to return in pain at another time. I know crazy but I figured they were on opposite sides of my mouth so it should be okay. Now here I am at home about to plunge into the baby bobble blanket pattern and try to hold ice on my face at the same time...LOL. Let's see how that works.

A quick thanks to the Dr. Pain meds are great!!!

Happy Stitching..

April 07, 2009

Pain...what's next

Okay so I quickly posted my recent crafts yesterday but I failed to mention that I spent the weekend in a lot of PAIN. Friday afternoon, I developed the worse toothache I have ever had. I took some Motrin and that relieved the pain for about an hour...WTF. Isn't that suppose to last for at least 4-6 hours??? What is going on? When I reached my house, I hit my mom up for some 800mg Motrin. I took one, order the kids some food, tried to clean my room (with no success) and then...the pain was back again. I took two more pills and went to bed in PAIN. I woke up Saturday in pain again. Took some more pills and this is pretty much how I spent the weekend. Yesterday I made an appointment to see the oral surgeon on Wednesday (the only day he's in) and then I noticed that my face was swollen. I woke up this morning and noticed that the pain is less but now I look like someone put there fist through my mouth. I HATE this. I called the dentist this morning to let them know that the swelling is worse and all they said is ice it and take either Tylenol or Motrin...Um hello...I've been taking Motrin all weekend!!! On the brighter side of things, they were able to move my appointment up to 10 am. YAY!!!

What's next...crochet wise. There are three babies on the way within the next few months so I need to figure out what patterns I am going to use for each blanket. I have one figured out (yarn has been purchased) and I have the yarn for another one but can't decide what pattern to do. My boss is expecting his third child and when asked what color he would like his baby's blanket, he said yellow. So now I am trying to decide do I make the old standby ripple blanket or do I try this Baby Bobble Blanket? I started the bobble last night and immediately started thinking this is way to difficult for me. Is it really that difficult or do I just need to try it when I am in less pain and I am more alert??? What do you think -- Ripple or Bobble???

Happy Stitching...

April 06, 2009

Crafting while absent

Okay so it's been a while since I last posted but I am still around. As the title says, I have been crafting while absent. See for yourself.

Flower pens for a friend.

Poncho for Talanie's birthday.

A quick vest and a hat for a baby shower.

Organized some yarn. Trust me there is alot more that needs to be done...

Dinner with the family.

A banquet honoring my pastor. By the way, I loved the location. If ever I was to get married, I might have to travel a little and pay for some hotel rooms. J took this picture...he was bored out of his mind.