March 05, 2008



Just want to share a couple of things with my online friends.

1. Over the weekend, one of the little cousins had a babyshower and you all know I haven't had much time to crochet. So, I made a diaper cake (my first). These things seem to be the new big thing at showers so I had to try it. I even made the washcloth lollipops (used tulle circles instead of cellophane and lollipop sticks). See for yourself.

Cute huh???

2. Just in case you missed it before...I LOVE him. We have spent so much time together (with the kids) and things just couldn't be better. RIGHT? Wrong. Even when a girl thinks things are going great, he starts saying things that makes her wonder if she is wasting her time. Does he want to be apart of her life? He says yes, but then starts talking about how she will always be his homegirl. WTF...Homegirl??? I thought we were working on something else. Maybe I was wrong. I still LOVE HIM, but I think I may have to walk away again...

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave but I had to get it out.

Write later. Here's a few new pictures of Zaria. She always makes me smile.


Sheila said...

WoW! you did a fabulous job on diaper cake. Awww your daughter is adorable.

Laura said...

Hi Tawonia,

I came across your blog through Lesa's (Lesalicious). That diaper cake is fantastic! What a great gift! I think you could definitely sell those.

Your daughter is very cute, too! I wish my daughter would let me braid her hair - she boycotted them a few years ago (she's 10) when she decided they were too babyish, LOL!