February 02, 2009

For the Love of Art

So last week, I didn't get a chance to post but I vowed to post today so I'm doing it!!!
Last Monday, Zaria, the little princess that she is, decided to express her love of art. I gifted her a chalk board/white board but that wasn't enough. She needed her own canvas so, she decided the white couch worked much better. Yup my white couch...here's the proof.

What would you have done?
A. Let daddy deal with her because you just might go to jail
B. Laugh until you pee yourself
C. Called the best art school in town

I choose A. Thank God he was there. I was so upset that all I could do is ask my sister if she was paying any attention to my child that she was supposed to be babysitting. MENTAL NOTE: Find a new baby sitter.

On a more pleasant note, I am making great progress with the baby cable sweater. I think I could be finished with this by the end of the week.
Keep hooking...


Maria said...

An artist is born!!! I love it. Of course I can laugh because it isnt my child. LOL

Sheila said...

Ooooh No, but I'm sure the progress on the baby sweater has you feeling better, its coming along nicely.

Laura said...

Oh wow, I think I'd have to choose A too! My kids have ruined so many things of mine or things around the house I've lost count. One of my sisters had this expensive, ivory berber carpet put in her house when it was built, and her kids have totally wrecked it over the years. She's going to have it all pulled up and replaced with hardwood floors. Of course, those aren't perfect either. I have all hardwood floors, and my son scribbled on the living room floor with a permanent marker when he was younger. My husband had to repaint one of the walls in his room to cover up all the scribble marks.

There's a product you can try on your couch called Goof-Off - it removes permanent marker, paint stains, etc. from fabrics and surfaces. It gives off a lot of fumes though, so you'd want to use it when the kids aren't around and you can open a window to ventilate.

P.S. The sweater looks great so far! I haven't gotten up the nerve to attempt cables yet.

Katriska said...

LOL, I only laugh because I know all too well what you're going through. My little ones LOVE to color on EVERYTHING. I have coloring books, sidewalk chalk, aqua doodle, and some other stuff, but they still prefer to use the walls, floors, tables, and their faces. Yes they have colored on their faces with permanent markers. Sigh, I had time trying to explain it to the daycare the next day why my daughter has a unibrown and the other has purple dots on her face. Its all in good fun and guess when you get to make fun of them when they have children and their children do the thing they're doing. Oh yes I am counting up the things I'm going to laugh at my daughters for as my grandmother's doing me.

On another note. I like the little cables in the sweater you're making. Its going to be sooo cute.

Karmen said...

My oh my.