March 05, 2009

As Promised (Warning!!! Graphic heavy)

New Jersey/New York Trip

Lionbrand Store
The best part of the trip...

Random shots in Times Square.

The girls and mom.

I think this is beautiful.

Crochet Update
Okay so enough abot the trip and back to crafting. Here are two of the current WIP. I think they are coming along nicely. I am hoping to have the personalized afghan ready by next week (it was only requested in November...yeah I know LATE).

Broomstick Stitch Scarf

Personalized Afghan for Gail

Z's First Fashion Show
Since I was dressing her for each scene, I couldn't take pictures of her walking so, I snapped two backstage. Her dad video taped it and Nene took a few pictures (maybe I'll get those up).

Sunday while I was relaxing (yes, I had time to relax) my sister snapped these pictures. Can't you tell I am in my glory???


Susan said...

What a great trip! Not too graphic heavy at all. I haven't been to NYC in 2 years now and I would love a trip back.

Sheila said...

You really enjoyed yourself and your daughter is just adorable.

Laura said...

Oooh, now after seeing those pictures of NYC, I'm really jealous! Someday I would love to go there.

Your daughter is very cute, too, by the way!

Cami said...

It looks like you had lots of fun! I can't wait to see the broomstick scarf. I've always wanted to try that. Maybe one day.

T. Joi said...

We had a blast in NYC. My only concern is that she's going to school in NJ NOT NYC...LOL. Hope she does some school work and doesn't spend all of her time in the city. As for the kid, she's okay ;).

Bejai1962 said...

Hey, is that broomstick lace your doing with that big ole needle? Don't give up on doing a Sweet top for yourself. Maybe you can start small and make one for your daughter. I promise once you make one for yourself you'll love top-down crochet.
Come on, come on, I'm waiting to see it!

Crafty Christina said...

So cool that you got to go to the Lion Brand studio! I thought it was alot of fun and nice to have something affordable in the city to buy yarn. Awesome pics!