May 21, 2010

I Now Know...

Since I received my layoff notice, I have been asked a few hundred times, "what are you going to do?" Honestly, I didn't know, until sometime last week when I decided to take the summer off... Here's the plan (for now)...

1. Get up, thank God for another day
2. Make energy smoothie
3. Get the little ones off to school/summer camp
4. Go for a walk (near the water if it's too warm)
5. Eat a healthy breakfast
6. Crochet (while watching tv)
7. Relax
8. Start Dinner
9. Pick the lil ones up
10. Relax some more

Yup, that is the plan for now...LOL. I am considering taking a class or two during the summer quarter. We shall see.

On another note, I finished a quick blanket for a baby shower last Saturday. Came out nice for a quick project.

I have a bunch of stuff on hooks now, I will try to post those later today.


Crafty Christina said...

Your new schedule sounds great! I hope you enjoy the summer off and can relax lots before you jump back into work.

Sheila said...

So sorry to hear about being laid off. Will admit your new schedule sounds like total fun. Enjoy it