January 02, 2011


Happy New Year!!!

After all the ups and downs in 2010, I am excited to start 2011. I brought in the year with my children, the Mr and the MIL. It was nothing special, just some tv, conversation, and then the toss to the new year. Z thought she was really special because we gave her sparkling cider in a champagne glass...too cute.

I awoke to the headache from hell...too much partying the night before. Oh well. Then Nana called and guilt tripped us into coming over. Don't get me wrong, I was planning on taking the lil ones over to exchange gifts but I guess I was taking too long. Found out she had cooked all this food and felt really bad. I made up for our slow arrival by gifting her some very special gifts.

Z gave her a handmade stocking (Nana has the one J made her in 2005 on the tree to this day) and a reindeer.

My niece and nephew (really me) gifted her a framed picture. The frame said "Grandchildren...the sunshine of the day." She loved it. The quote is pretty funny seeing that we sing "You Are My Sunshine" to my brother all the time...

I gifted her red velvet cupcakes (only 6, she can't eat more than that...LOL)

The gift from all of us...drum roll here....tickets to a black-tie dinner and Shirley Ceasar concert. She was overjoyed. Man I love making her smile.

We ate dinner, talked and let Z color, J complain, and then we came home. I forgot to mention that Nana gifted Z a FULL kitchen set (we don't have any space for such things but Z loved it).

Once we arrived home, I began my research on American Girl. I have been looking forward to Z's 5th birthday for a long time and I really want it to be very special. I thought about hosting a tea for her...not enough lil girls around her to have a real tea party. Then there was the party at The Children's Museum (needed to book a month in advance and never did). So after talking to my favorite aunties, who told me about the American Girl store in Natick, MA, I had to do some research.
OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! This is perfect and I can't wait. I choose the Bitty Baby (after all, she's only turning 5 and would ruin a big doll). Reservations have been made (for 4 at 2 pm). Who knows how else we might celebrate her birthday but this is pretty exciting.

SN...I already bookmarked a bunch of patterns for crochet doll clothes. If you have any, please send my way. Hehehe... :)

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