November 07, 2007

Christmas is a coming...

I can't even believe I am saying this but...Christmas is a coming (and it's coming quick). Back in August, I decided that I would make every child on our Christmas list a personalized lapghan (small version of an afghan). I created all of the graphs (this took a while), researched the yarn colors, and even made the center mats for three of them (see previous post). You are probably wondering how many of these lapghans I am making...12. Yep I said it a dozen of these personalized lapghans. Why didn't someone stop me??? Now, I am going crazy trying to catch up with my schoolwork (at least two weeks behind), and trying to make time to crochet. If nothing else gets done before Christmas, I promise I will get these lapghans done for the kids. Christmas is really for the kids anyways. Right???

By the way, I sold my first complete set. Of course, I forgot to take a final picture of the whole thing, but I can tell you the buyer loved it.

Signing off for now.

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