December 19, 2007

Sorry for the absence

Hello again. After much frustration, I finally figured out why I couldn't log in. Needless to say, that is why I have been gone soooo long. Well, I'm back!!! Let me update you on the happenings in my life.

As I am sure you know, Christmas is now six days away and I must admit, I didn't finish all of the lapghans for the children on the list. Maybe I will get one more done by Christmas (Lil DeShawn's). I have been crocheting away but I also needed to focus on my school work and I ended my long term relationship of 6 years. SO, I have been a little stressed. Crocheting relaxes me but I haven't had enough time to relax. I apologize now to all of the children that won't be receiving his/her gift until after Christmas. This should not be a problem, I more than likely won't see these kids until late January.
For the remainder of the week, I must complete a lapghan (paying order) and make a few more hat and scarf sets.

Look out for pictures of completed work.

Speaking of pictures, look at my baby. Can you believe she will be two on January 10th. WOW how time sure does fly.

I promise to post new pictures of both of my little people real soon.

Signing off for now.


Lesalicious said...

Your daughter is so cute. Yes, time does fly by quick. Thanks for stopping by my blog visit more often. I was looking at old posts in your blog and like your things keep up the crocheting. I surely understand about crocheting helps you to relax it is surely a stress relief for me ask well. I will be hoping by more often to check out your upcoming projects. Take care and happy holidays.:)

Sheila said...

Hi Towonia, and welcome to blogland. Thanks for stopping by – I’m totally loving the new space… funny – instead of crafting - after work I go straight to my craftroom and sit there doing nothing…lol. Your craftroom sounds great, especially since it’s a closed in porch, I’m sure you get good sun and a lovely view. The diagonal stitch blanket is coming along nicely… looking forward to your FOs. Btw, the baby sweater set is adorable. Happy Belated Birthday to Zaria – totally cute.