May 27, 2008


Hello Fellow Bloggers...
Today is my 30th birthday. Yeah me. I never thought I would be excited about turning 30 but I am. This past weekend was busy. My bestfriend had a graduation party on Saturday, my Aunt had a small cookout on Sunday for her birthday and yesterday, my grandmother came over to hang pictures (now my apartment looks like a home).

As for the crochet front...
I purchased yarn to make that tank top that I wanted last summer but didn't think I could make it. So far so good. Here's the link
It is working out nicely, if I say so myself. The only problem is it will definitly need to have a built in bra and it will need to be lined. I don't sew so, I'll have to ask my daughter's daycare provider (Ms. Brenda). I will a picture of the WIP this evening. Also, I want to make the Sweet Sweater It is supposed to be really easy. First I need to have my measurements taken. I will try to get this done this week (thanks Ms. Brenda). Then, my godchild will need a blanket when he arrives (early August). No need to make him a sweater set because he will live in onesies and pampers for a while. Now if I could just decide on the pattern for his blanket. Duckies or Teddy Bears??? I know I want the blanket to be blue, white, and yellow. So maybe I will do both duckies and teddy bears. I'll keep you all posted.

Peace and blessings.

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Laura said...

How about a rubber duck theme for the blanket, like a blue bottom (for water) and then the yellow ducks "floating" in the water, with a white background behind the ducks?