July 02, 2008

Crochet Update

Crocheting is my passion!!! Just in case you didn't know yet. Last weekend I thought I was going to crochet my life away, but I didn't. Actually, I didn't work on anything. Of course, I had more thoughts of projects I should start...but they were just thoughts. So, here's a quick update of what's on my hooks. Yes, that's right, I am working on more than one project. I always wondered how people did this and now I will find out.

1. My Light 'N Lively Tank is still coming along. I think I need to purchase more yarn to complete it.

2. My Godson's (arriving sometime in August) blankie. I know I said it would be cute to do something with duckies and water but I don't think his mommy will use it so instead a baby blue ripple was started. I have made ripples before but this time I am making a ribbed ripple. I know big change...all you do is work in the back row instead...

3. Squares for Lesa.

That's it for my crochet projects but I think that is good for right now.

Even though today is Wednesday, here's my plans for the weekend...

Thursday (vacation day from work)
Do my errands
Clean house
Prep for the 4th (includes packing the arts and crafts, making potato salad and baked beans)

Friday (4th of July)
Familly cookout at Grandma's

Hanging out with Juwan (maybe we will go to the movies again). We saw Kungfu Panda last weekend and it was pretty good. I am still in awe of how wonderfully animated the fight scences were.


Happy 4th of July to all.


Don said...

Last weekend I thought I was going to crochet my life away, but I didn't. LOL. i couldn't help but laugh @ this statement. that's how i feel about rading and writing, sometimes.

sounds like you enjoyed the Fourth of July holiday weekend. good deal.

Lesalicious said...

Looks like you been a busy busy women can't wait to get those squares. Thanks