October 14, 2008

Quick Update

Hey Fellow Bloggers...

Real quick. I traveled to Dover, Delaware this weekend for the 1st District YPD Meeting (AME Church). So, of course I planned on bringing my hooks and yarn problem was, I didn't actually pack until 3 am Friday morning (leaving at 4:45). So what is a girl to do? You got it. Grab enough yarn to complete the current work in progress. So I did. I was working on a granny square poncho (was suppose to be completed before the trip so the director and I could wear them while there). Green and white yarn in bag, hooks in bag. Off we go. Here's the completed poncho.

I know, a little big. I told her that I would work some decrease rows around the top so it would be a little tighter. What do you think???

The plus to this project is that people actually loved it. Someone said, "Oh girl, way to bring crochet back." I received a few orders so I will be crochet green and white ponchos for the rest of the week. Of course, I am still working on hats and scarves.


Laura said...

Cute poncho! It does look a little big, but not terribly so. I think some decrease rounds will help.

Sheila said...

The poncho looks great and agree that doing a few single crochet rows along the neckline would tighten it up.