November 05, 2009

Gone Too Long

I'm back...I apologize for the absence. I feel like I have been gone far too long. My life has been busy since school started and the change of hands happened at my job. Yup, I have a new boss again...She is a wonderful person, she likes to get things done and I for one like that.

While I was gone I still visited many of your blogs and left quick comments. I have loved the creativeness of you all.

As you know by now, the annual Craft Fair is quickly approaching and I have been moving my little fingers as fast as possible. Yesterday I purchased more yarn and while I was in the store, I decided that I wanted to use bright vibrant colors. Last night I made another Divine Hat (they sold last year so why not make them again???) in Kelly Green (Vanna's Choice). I love it!!! I have also been thinking about all of the little people who need to stay extra warm this winter so Earflap Hats are flying off the hooks as well. Lots of people are asking for mittens this year so I am working on those this weekend. I am hoping to make a few extra dollars at my table by holding a raffle for a personalized (scripture based) afghan. I am still putting the finishing touches on the chart but I am hoping to have the majority of the blanket/wall hanging completed by the fair. I will post the chart as soon as it is completed. I have also had request for the Crazy Urban Newsboy Cap from last year. "So much yarn, so little time."

Well, can't stay too long but promise to be back. Here's a few pictures until I return. Sorry about the lighting. I promise to always take pictures against a white background with bright lights on.

Can't remember if I posted this one before. I sold this set in August for a baby shower. Cute but I really wanted to make the easy lil button loafers (just couldn't figure out the pattern. Not giving up though, I just need some time to sit with it or get some tips from Crafty Christina...)

Already sold. Now to make his mittens and scarf (they requested them after they saw the hat)

On its way to DC. Earflap Hat with Diagonal Box Stitch Scarf.

Already sold. Earflap Hat with Simple DC Scarf.

Divine Hat in Kelly Green

Happy Crafting
(yeah, I changed it because everyone that reads my blog does more than crochet)


T. Joi said...

This took way too long to format. What is the trick for formatting the pictures and text?

Crafty Christina said...

It always takes me forever to format too. I'm not sure of any shortcuts.

You've been so busy! Great projects. I especially love the pink striped one. So pretty!

Laura said...

I hate trying to format posts in Blogger, too. I just updated my blog a few days ago, and it asked if I wanted to switch to some new format, and it was a lot easier to post afterwards. I don't remember where I came across it. I think it showed up when I first logged into blogger.

Cute projects, byt the way! Good luck with the craft fair!

Don said...

Hey, never be in a rush to come back to blogging. It will be here. I see you're busy with school and all. Good luck.

You are sweet with the knitting. Nice looking outfits and items.