January 27, 2010

Complete, IG (not), New Beginning

Stamp this project complete. Yes, I finally edged this personalized blanket. I hope Lil C likes it.

While I was working on the blanket, I decided I needed an instant gratification project. I chose this Sweetheart Poncho.

Well, so much for instant gratification. I ran out of yarn and needed to go to the store to get more but didn't feel like going. Maybe this weekend, I will go get it. Maybe.
This is where I left it. At the hood of the poncho. Can you believe it? Almost to the end and run out of yarn. SMH.

This is the edging the pattern calls for but I didn't like the way it looked like little triangles. They were supposed to be scallops. :(
So I decided to do a picot stitch instead. Yeah, I like this.

Over the weekend, I watched a Knit & Crochet Marathon. I know boring to most of the world but so exciting for me. ;) It was on for hours. Watching the show made me decide that it was time for a new beginning so I have taken the plunge. I am taking a knitting class at AC Moore on Feb. 6th. Of course I can't wait until then, so I paid Lionbrand.com a visit and had D print and bind the 60 pages of the Learn How to Knit book. Can't wait to get home to play. :P
Stay Crafty...


Crafty Christina said...

The blanket looks great! How about an almost instant gratification? :)

Don said...

Both are quality creations. Love the personalized blanket.

Laura said...

That's an awesome blanket! I wish I could do the intarsia crochet - I've just never been able to figure it out.

Don't you hate when you run just a tiny bit short of a yarn for a project, and then have to spend the money for a whole skein when you only need a couple of yards? I know that drives me crazy!

Good for you with learning knitting! I learned how to knit a few months ago, and am really enjoying it. It's one of those things that seems so hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it makes perfect sense. Check out the videos on knitting-help.com. Those really helped me a lot (and try bamboo needles - those metal ones are too slippery!). Good luck!