January 19, 2010

A New Year (photo heavy)

Well, here it is the 19th day of 2010 and this is my first post of the new year. Sorry, it's been a busy start. First we celebrated Zaria's 4th birthday.

This past weekend, we (Zaria and I) hosted our first tea party. She had two friends over, I baked those amazing lemon cookies that Crafty Christina introduced to me and made a few finger sandwiches.

When I opened the Disney Princess Porcelin Tea Set that Z received as a gift for Christmas, one of the tea cups was broken (I didn't realize this until I reached my hand in the water to wash the cups). While it sucked that the cup was broken, it was a plus for me. I realized that the only thing that made them Disney Princess was the stickers that the company stuck on the cups. SMH. All that money for the set only to find out that they're just stickers. Now I know for next year's birthday tea party, I can go to the dollar store and purchase tea cups and some character stickers and make our own. Cheaper for Daddy...LOL. Here's a few pictures.

The girls had a blast. After eating and sipping tea, they danced and colored. A good time was had by all.
Now onto my UFOs...
This so sad but very true. While I was on vacation, I felt like I was being attacked by yarn in my bedroom. It was coming from every direction and I was a little frightened. So, I organized my stash and then headed to the bucket of shame (head bowed). I new there were a few projects that once upon a time I had started with the intention of gifting it to someone. I know shameful. Well now, I have vowed not to start another project until these projects are completed.
These just need pom poms and ties added.
This is a hat I started before Christmas. I didn't like the way it was turning out so...ripped it will be.

I started this hat for my cousin. She purchased the yarn and I told her I would make the hat. This will be finished by Saturday. (Not sure if she still wants it but I will finish it.)

One of the mile-a-minute afghans that I started. This one was really going to someone, I won't mention her name because she does read my blog. I need to make 5 more strips and sew them together. Have I told you that I hate hand sewing??? Well, I do. it takes forever.

This is another mile-a-minute. I started stitching this one together but never finished. This one has been in the UFO for over three years. Sad. I know. SMH.

The cable phase came and went and I still haven't finished this could be adorable baby sweater. I have a new little baby girl arriving in July. Maybe I will make some booties and a little hat and have a gift for her.

Oh the bobble stitch diamond afghan from LionBrand. Started it and loved how the diamonds worked up but they were too much. Decided to begin and end with the diamonds. Now if I could just get the middle (simple dcs) completed, maybe this could be a FO.

Started this one last February while in New Jersey taking my sister to visit her KEAN University. I wanted to learn the broomstick pattern. I learned it but haven't finished my scarf. Did you see the that? I said MY... Yep, this is for me. So why haven't I finished it? It's next on the list.
Happy Hooking.


Crafty Christina said...

Looks like you had a great party there! I can't even imagine how many WIPS I have lying around!


The girls lok like they are enjoying themselves....so sad...to see the broken tea set :(.
Thanks for sharing. Your work is beautiful and well done.