December 31, 2010

Good Riddance 2010 (text version)

After reflecting on 2010 this week, I am ready to bring in 2011!!!

2010 in review...high/low

January - Celebrated Z's 4th birthday, signed her up for school while saying come on K1...daycare is killing us

February - Had the best Valentine's Day on record (maybe this year will top last year...maybe. LOL)/Arguement with best friend of 15+ years (gone sad)

March - Can't remember...

April - Celebrated D's 32nd birthday, re-enrolled in school (Northeastern University)/Sent said bestfriend a very happy birthday text, had a bad car accident (while working),

May - Celebrated my 32nd birthday. Taught my sister to crochet (she ran out of yarn and never finished the project. Laid off from the job I loved

June - Watched J bid elementary school adieu (yup middle schooler now), mastered the Daisy Square (finally). Said good-bye to co-workers, wished bestfriend well on her wedding day (didn't attend)

July - Began my summer vacation, started walking, got some much needed rest, received word that I was hired for the Burke position.

August - More rest, walking, and relaxation. Traveled to Miami, FL with D for the first time. I had so much fun. (Just realized i never posted pics - sorry). Started work and made a couple of friends

September - School started for all of us (college, 6th grade, kindergarden), lots of PD for the new job. Celebrated sister's birthday. Realized I was totally out of my league at work, asked for assistance

October - Gave J a huge birthday party, noticed J is a very talented artist, did the Halloween custome thing (still hate it). Still uncomfortable at work

November - Celebrated Nana's birthday, Shopped the day after Thanksgiving (great deals!!!). Admitted to self that it was time to start looking for a new job

December - Counted down the days to Winter Break from work (yup I hate this job), baked like a crazy woman, attempted to make some handmade gifts. Failed at making handmade (project is still in progress)

With all that said...bring on the new year.

Happy New Year to you all!!!

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