December 18, 2010

MIA no more

I'm back for good this time!!! Remember when I started this blog? I wrote every week then it dwindled down to once in a while and then I made it a point to blog every Monday and Friday. The last few months, have been crazy busy and now I am making my blog a priority again.

I am not ready to post all the craftiness that has been completed just yet -- I will do that tomorrow, must organize photos and such.

For now I wanted to say hey to all of you my fellow bloggers. I've missed my hooks and yarn and man have we been reaquinted over the last two weeks.

I also asked Santa for knitting classes, hoping to add that skill to my belt in the coming year.


Sheila said...

Wishing you & yours Happy Holidays and a Beautiful New Year.

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog