December 18, 2011

Oh How...

I've missed thee. This has been my worst blog year and I'm not sure why. Lots of great things happened during the year.

For starters, I completed year one on my job as an Family Community Outreach Coordinator, which was a blessing from above. I had many run-ins with my boss and often considered walking away BUT I didn't and I am prettier glad I didn't. I really do love all of the kids I work with. My goal for the start of the school year was to purposely reach out to the Family part of my title. To date, more families are involved just not as many as I would like.

I spent the summer moving in with the Mr., getting settled in, and enjoying my children. This was the rainiest summer ever. Every time we wanted to go to the beach it was raining or we didn't have gas in the car or money to spend. We made it a few times but not many. On one of the visits, the seagulls owned the beach and I was ready to go right after we settled in. The kids enjoyed themselves.

In September, the Mr finally proposed (after 8 I was surprised and very excited. He did a great job not telling me when it was going to happen which is hard because I'm one of those need to know everything type of females. I'm glad I didn't know. :)

On the crafting front, I have been a busy bee. I have loads of pictures of completed projects and will most likely post some while enjoying Christmas Break (4 days away). I can say I am truly looking forward to spending some time with my family (both sides). Good times ahead.

Looking forward to catching up with all of my blog favs...

Happy Holidays to you all!!!


Sheila said...

Happy Holidays and wishing you a blessed New Year. Also congratulations and looking forward to all creative gems.

daperfectmix said...

i'm not sure if you're still blogging, but i just wanted to let you know that i tagged you in a post on my blog. come by and check it out. i hope you'll play along.