September 15, 2012

Been Gone for Awhile...

but like many of my other blog friends, I'm back!!! Things have been busy in these parts.

Kid 1 - started 8th grade and apparently "dating" begins now
Kid 2 started 1st grade at a new school (the same one I went to as a child) and is loving it
DF (engaged on Sept 11th) now a full-time barber. New career path and I'm supporting him on all fronts.

and ME...
I started my new job as a Staff Assistant this summer and what can I say, I'm back in my element. I also have started selling my crocheted products. I just committed to be a vendor on December 9th which means I have lots of crocheting to tackle. Not to worry, I'm on it. Picked up yarn today, decided what patterns I will make and started working on one. :)

I am also in the middle of crocheting baby items for one of my favorite cousins who is due on New Year's Eve. I am so excited for her and her husband.

There's the quick update. Expect to see a craft related post by the end of the day tomorrow...

Happy Crafting!!!

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Crafty Christina said...

Wow wow wow! Congrats on the engagement! That is wonderful! Glad to see you're back and that everyone in your family is doing well. Cam't wait to see what you come up with for the fair!