January 02, 2008

A New Year a New Me

Well, Happy New Year to you all. I started the year off at church, where I plan to spend a lot of time. 2007 was not a great year for me. I went through a lot and ended the year back at home. I was sad at first but now I see that this is exactly where I need to be. Being at home helps me focus. I had support before but not like I needed. So, now I can focus on me, my children, my school work, and of course my crocheting.

I am pretty happy with the third floor apartment. My favorite part is the closed in back porch (yes, it is heated). I have decided that this will be my "office". I am having shelves put in as soon as I get a few extra dollars. I also have a nine cube storage thingy so I plan on using that for yarn storage. (I would like to get rid of the bins). The closet space in my bedroom is horrid so I will have to reserve some space for me clothes in the office. Not a problem... I think I will take some before photos so everyone can see the difference in the end. I also like this space because it is away from the rest of the house. Which means, it is quite. Finally a place for me.

As for crocheting projects, I haven't done much lately. Although, I have a lot of things in mind. I only finished 3 of my 12 blankets so I will work on those. Who cares if the kids didn't get them for Christmas. I didn't see them anyway. Maybe I will just give them as birthday presents instead...

Speaking of birthdays, Zaria's birthday is next Thursday and I wasn't going to do anything because her dad didn't want too. Well, now I am giving her a party. Nothing big but this means I have a cake to bake and decorate. Last year I made a cake and cupcakes and I think I will do this again. The theme...DORA, of course. I will post pictures.

Peace and blessings for now.

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