December 07, 2009

She Did It All By Herself

As planned, Z and I had craft time on Saturday. She made some ornaments during the week with daddy and she made her first ornament wreath. I worked very hard not to assit her with this project. See all the blues and then all green? Mommy so tried to get her to mix the colors but couldn't. I just let her be...It was hard.
So, here it is.


Laura said...

Wow, that's such a clever idea, and it came out really cute! I think the blues and greens looks great together. Your daughter did a great job!

I don't normally like blue much, but some reason I really like blue Christmas ornaments. I guess I like non-traditional colors for Christmas.

I've only been buying unbreakable plastic ornaments for my tree the past few years, since I moved into a house with wood floors, and a bunch of nice glass ornaments got knocked off the tree (by the kids or the cat) or fell off, and shattered on the floor.

Crafty Christina said...

I love the way it turned out. Blue happens to be one of my favorite colors ever, so I think it is extra fantastic. She looks so proud too!

yetunde said...

i love it. let her do her own thing. tell her she can make me one.

Sheila said...

Your daughter did an awesome job... now I need to go to Walmart and make one like hers.