October 17, 2010

Fall My Favorite...

but oh so busy... I know it's been awhile since I last wrote a real blog entry so today I am taking some time to do just that.

In September, everyone in my home had some sort of life change.
1. J started 6th grade
2. I started my new job and then my second quarter at NEU
3. Z started K1

As you can imagine, lots of schedule changes have occurred due to all the new beginnings. We are still working on all of them. LOL. J gets on his bus at 6:39 am, Z can arrive at school by 7:30 and I need to be at work by 8. Needless to say, mornings in my household are crazed. As a result of the crazed mornings, I began drinking lots more coffee (from a medium to a large) in the morning. While I love my new job, there has been a lot of stress related to it. A co-worker told me to get some tension tea because it really does work and guess what...he was right. I end most evening with a cup. School for me hasn't been too bad. I am still struggling with meeting deadlines for papers but all work is getting done. This quarter it's Intro to Liberal Studies and College Math 1001. I'm in school two nights a week. Not bad.

We celebrated J's 12th birthday earlier this month and can you believe he asked to have a party??? How could I say no? He hasn't had a party in 3/4 years. So a party he wants, a party he gets. The theme was Family Guy. Well at least those were the directions and cake. The party had nothing to do with it. He drew his own banner (4 characters) and chose who to invite. I was so stressed out and aggravated until I just let go and let him do what he wanted to do. All he needed me to do was cook and spend my money. Gotta love him. The party was great and he was happy at the end. That's all that mattered.

As for me and my crafting...it's been very slow. I just can't find the time to do anything. I started a few "quickie" projects and those also fell to the side. I wish I had some motivation to finish something. It's been cold already and people are requesting scarves and hats so maybe this week I will find the time to work on those things. BTW...Christmas most likely will be store brought this year. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to something handmade. Unless Z makes it...it won't happen.

While I haven't had lots of time on my hands, I have made time to go out with my friends. I partied with my cousin for her 30th and I went to a Ghostface concert (I didn't meet Ghost but I did meet Sheek Louch from the LOX. Very exciting!!!)

Of course there aren't any pics of completed projects but I will update pics of the lil ones soon.

Keep crafting (or studying in my case)...


Crafty Christina said...

Sounds like you've been crazy busy with all the huge changes! Congrats on the new job too. I'm going to have to try some of that tea!

Sheila said...

You definitely have busy mornings, but it will only make you stronger dear. Congrats on the new Job and school. Once your schedule smoothes out you will be back to crocheting.

Don said...

J's 12th birthday sounds like a winner & then some. One of those reminders that lets a mother/father know that his/her efforts are well worth the hectic mornings, etc.

Judging from the read, I'd say that you are holding down your career, studies, friends & family quite well.

Laura said...

Congratulations on the new job! Mornings are my worst time of the day. It's hard enough just getting my kids out the door by 7:45, and myself out at 8. I'm thankful that my husband and I both have jobs with some flexibility in our schedules. I don't know how you do it, having to get your son on the bus by 6:39. Good luck with school and the new job!