January 17, 2008


Hello All...
Have you ever know someone forever and no matter what whenever you see that person you get butterflies in your stomach? Ever wonder why??? Well, I believe I found the reason. Your IN LOVE with that person. How did I come to this conclusion? Well, it happens to me every time I see HIM. I can't tell you who HIM is but I am sure one day you will know. I've know HIM for a long time and he has always had a special place in my heart but I never knew it was like this. I thank God for HIM and I pray that God works out every issue he is dealing with right now.

Enough about HIM (this is what we will call him). LOL

Onto crochet. What have I been working on. Now that I am all settled in the new place, I am working on the Side to Side Cowl Neck sweater from LionBrand (for me). Yesterday I received an order for a baby blanket (baby boy) so that needs to be completed by next week. I choose the pattern and brought the yarn with me to work today. Let's hope I get to take my lunch today so I can start it. Oh yea...I need a scarf to match the hat I made myself when winter started. Did you know it is supposed to be 19 degrees this weekend? And that's the high.

Keep safe and warm.

Peace for now.

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Lesalicious said...

Thanks for the happy bday wishes. Looks like since you move you have a lot of crocheting up your sleeves best of luck can't wait to see you latest projects:)