January 18, 2008

The Past Weekend

Okay. Am I getting good at this or what???
Last week Zaria turned two and I said I would post some pictures from her party. Well, here they are. We had so much fun. Her Godmother missed her party last year so this year she made up for it (cake in the face and all). Enjoy!!

I made her this shirt. It says "I'm the Birthday Girl" I will have to take a picture of the shirt.

Below are random pics from the party. I made the banner (used photo paper), my lil sis (I love this girl) stayed up with me the night before making the loot bags (Backpack), her Godmother (Cece) purchased the cake (it wasn't what she wanted but it tasted great!!!).

1 comment:

sahara said...

Wow, the party decorations look great; I'm loving the loot bags, but the cake is pure sculpture! I can barely get my pound cake to rise properly. How did you do the hair? Is it a mold? That's fab!

BTW, welcome, and thanks for checking out my blog. There'll be a lot more crochet this year, as y'all are definitly in the building!