January 29, 2008

Newsboy Weekend

Success is so sweet. This weekend, I made it my business to master that Newsboy hat pattern that I failed at the weekend before. Well, I did it...and I did it so well that I have made a total of six of them. I wore my black one to work yesterday and everyone loved it. Two people requested that I make a few for them. My girlfriend, the one who inspired me to make the hat in the first place, tried the hat on and it was a little big for her so last night, I made another one for her to try on. I am taking it over to her today to make sure it fits. She wants one in cream (made last night), chocolate brown (on the hook now), navy, and red (need to find the right color red for her). So, off I go to crochet the Newsboy hat (6 more to go). Here's me modeling mine. Enjoy!!!


Sheila said...

The newsboy caps came out great and you look great wearing it.

Zuleika said...

Very cute newsboy!

Lesalicious said...

WTG I so love it. Great job.:)