September 17, 2008

Craft Update

A quick update on my crafting...

Over the weekend, I made my second diaper cake. Here's some pictures. The happy couple (not smiling) is Nick and Ashley. Congratulations to you both. Enjoy Ms. Ariana.

I have also been working on some hat and scarf sets for the Holiday Craft Fair. I will post some pictures this evening. I am making some Divine Hats and some Urban Newsboy hats also. For scarves, I am making some easy shell stitch scarves and the one skein scarf from Stitch N Bitch. I wanted to make a few shawls and one personalized afghan (for display) so that people will place orders for them. This is my first fair so I will see how it goes.

On another note, I was recently told that a kid that I used to babysit had a huge crush on me and that he hated my first boyfriend because of his crush. Wouldn't you know I saw this kid over the weekend. He is a cutie and I hope some very deserving young lady will be lucky to snatch him up.


Lesalicious said...

How cute is that diaper cake so cute never would have thought about doing that. I just may have to since my sister will be due in Feb.:) Good luck on the Craft Fair.:)

Laura said...

That diaper cake is awesome!

And that's cute about the guy who had the crush on you. : )

Good luck with the craft fair!

Don said...

Indeed, awesome cake. And I have mad respect for the dude you once babysitted. Give him a chance already. LOL.