September 17, 2008


Good Day Fellow Bloggers...
All week I have been trying to figure out how to let two people know that they inspire me to continue crocheting. These two ladies are always working on something and I am always amazed at how fast they both complete their projects. So, how does one show her graditude???

A public acknowledgement of course. So to:
Lesa over at and Christina over at

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker
Create your own glittery text at

I want you both to know that I appreciate the work that you do. I have never been excited about my craft. By reading your blogs, I realized that there are people out here who appreciate handmade gifts. THANK YOU!!!

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Lesalicious said...

Aww Iam sorry I just now reading this. Been so busy lately and haven't much caught up with everyones blogs. Thanks and glad I inspire you keep up the great work girl. Keep on crocheting and beening crafty as much as you possible can and always drop in at anytime.:) You go girl:)