December 30, 2008


First let me wish everyone a very belated Merry Christmas. Christmas was great. The children are happy so that makes me happy. D joined us for Christmas this year so Zaria was really excited (deep down, so was I).

Since I don't take any "real" time off during the summer (I work for the school department but I am management which means I work year round), I decided to take Christmas week off. So my vacation officially started yesterday. So I am planning to post everyday this week. Kinda like a chronicle of my vacation...

I dropped Zaria off at daycare because I need to get my house back together from the holiday mess. SIGH!!! I returned home only to clean the kitchen and sort laundry and then I did something that I knew I shouldn't have done...I checked my blog. Once I saw Christina's chocolate chip cookies, I just had to make some. So, I did. Once I made the cookies, I decided that I should try to complete the gifts for Zaria's daycare family (mainly her provider and her oldest daughter AKA Grandma Brenda and Auntie Sandra). Notice no cleaning getting done. There's always tomorrow (hey wait...that's today...LOL). I ended the day by visiting my grandmother and two of her friends (Auntie Joni and Auntie Bev) who brought gifts for the little monsters. Thank you Aunties. We love you.

DAY TWO - Today
I dropped both of the children off today. Zaria to daycare and Juwan to his afterschool program that is open from 9 - 4 today and tomorrow. I have been very productive this morning. I have already washed 4 loads of clothes (this included some blankets) and folded them. Small steps to victory. I also organized the computer center which is why I am currently blogging...So, back to cleaning.

Happy Hooking.

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Laura said...

I hope you enjoy your vacation! Isn't it nice to have a day off by yourself when the kids are at school or daycare?! : )