December 23, 2008

An Evening Off

Can you believe I took some time off for myself? Well, it was more like tricked. My best friend called my house and told J to tell me to be ready at 8:30 with jeans and sneakers on. I thought about it and wondered if someone had pissed her off and we were going to beat them up. LOL. Yeah right? Us? We would never do such things. We are ladies!!!

So, I did as instructed and I would like to publicly say THANK YOU to Cece. She tricked me into going bowling with her and a few of her friends (soon to be in-laws). My little sister tagged along and we had a blast. I promised them that I would go out more often. We already have plans to go bowling next Monday and we're bringing Juwan and a few friends.

Thanks again Cece. Love you much...

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Laura said...

That sounds like fun - I love bowling even though I suck at it, but I haven't gone in ages. I don't get too much time away from my kids, either, other than going to work.