December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays

Okay, I admit I started Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving (no I was not one of those 3 am shoppers but I did go out). So how is it that I am not ready for Christmas??? I'm still working on the Half Moon Shawl for my Grandmother. I'm making something for He Makes Me Happy and I still need to pick up a gift for my mother, brother, uncle, and little cousin (she wants a ring).

Last weekend, I decided (because it was the last paycheck before the holiday) that I needed to get a Christmas Tree. Before heading out to get the tree, something told me to go check on the ornaments, lights, etc that should be in the basement. Well, when I went in the basement, there were no decorations at all. What the ****? I know I left a box of Christmas decorations down there. Oh well, being mad won't make them reappear, just go buy more stuff!!! So, onward and upward. On Sunday, we (including Zaria's father) picked up a tree. On Monday, I went out and purchased decorations for the tree. Picked the kids up and we decorated the tree that night. Isn't she a beauty???

While picking up the decorations, I grabbed some stockings and then wondered who is going to write on them...My handwriting is okay but I wanted the stockings to be really pretty. So, (new idea to keep in mind) I printed a t-shirt transfer with our names, cut the extra away, ironed the transfer onto the stockings (yes, it worked!), grabbed the glue, went over the names, shook the glitter on, let it sit for a few minutes, added some bling (because I didn't like the gold sequence things and here's the finished product. Cute huh?
It's starting to feel like Christmas now.
Here's a few pictures of the little ones. Someone please tell me why it is so difficult to get little people to stay still long enough to get a good picture?

Don't worry, there's a crochet update in the works...
Stay tuned and warm.
Happy Hooking.


Laura said...

That's such a clever idea for the stockings! I have ugly, hard to read handwriting - thank God for computers, LOL!

Your daughter is so cute - I love her hairdo!

Sheila said...

Your kids are adorable..