January 18, 2009

Happy Endings and New Beginnings

On Friday afternoon, I drove to Foxboro, MA to witness the marriage of Michelle and Nick (friends of D's). I must say we had a great time and I LOVE Nick's family. Good times!!! Congrats Nick and Michelle, we wish you the best. Two pictures of the happy couple. Aren't they adorable?

Love them.

Here's a pic of us.

Today is a day to relax and this morning shortly after waking up to more snow, we (me and the children) saw this out of Juwan's window.

Yep, WILD TURKEYS. Reminder...I live in the city (no woods around). The kids were excited and so was I.

Now it's time for me to crochet...I'll post pics later.

Happy Hooking...


Sheila said...

The Bride & Groom look beautiful and you two look like you had a lovely time.

Laura said...

I agree with Sheila!

My oldest sister gets wild turkeys in her yard too, but she does live in the country. How funny that you got them in the city!