January 11, 2009

Birthday Party Success

Well it's Sunday afternoon and I am posting which means I survived another birthday party. Ya me. This year's party was a huge success because everyone pitched in. So, I would like to publicly thank her grandmother (decorations - extremely cute), my sisters (the ones who call themselves twins--LOL), and her father who helped with everything from cleaning before, making ALL of the sandwiches, decorating cupcakes and the giant cupcake (he did all of the airbrush work), cleaning up after the party, and just being great the entire day.

The Birthday Girl in her t-shirt that mommy and daddy made for her. Thank you Hook for pressing it.

The giant cupcake, turned out wonderful. Thank godness I do research, it totally helped.

The twins with the birthday girl.


Sheila said...

Glad that your daughter had a fabulous B-day party and sending a a Huge Happy Birthday Wish.

Laura said...

Your little girl is so cute - I love her braids!

I'm glad the party went well too. I saw that giant cupcake pan at Michael's before, and thought it was really cute (although I'm terrible at baking, so I'm afraid to even buy it, ha, ha!).

Laura said...

Really cute shirt you made for your daughter, too!