January 12, 2009

Monday Update...Take 2

So, as promised, here's the pictures of the slouch hat. My sister took these and the hat is for her best friend. She (my sister) loves it.


Lesalicious said...

Cute nice work.:)

Christina said...

Its awesome and looks great on you! Sorry I'm a bit late, but wanted to say Happy New Year!

Bejai1962 said...

I like this hat and can't wait to try one myself.
Thanks for following my blog! I see we have a lot of the same interest in work, I've made the scrubie too. I gave it to a co-worker and uses it to make a bun for her hair.
The Swirl Hat; I saw it knitted on TV yesterday! I watched the Obama express on CNN, MSNBC or whatever station it was and that's the first thing I thought, a crocheted version.
And, lastly, that little! she is sooo cute I just want to squeeze her!!!
And little man is rather handsome too. LOL

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